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Organizational Design

Thursday, September 13th, 2012


Messy desks and time spent looking for misplaced items cost corporate America$177 billion annually, according to a 2010 study by Brother’s International.  Another survey found 87% of workers admitting that they feel less productive when their space is cluttered.  An employee is only as efficient with accomplishing their tasks as is their ability to find the right tools or items at the right place and time.  The right design can help overcome this obstacle.


Today’s organizational success is based on team effectiveness, sustainability and proper work flow.  You cannot design a work environment without understanding the organizational structure, purpose and elements that work together.  Organizational effectiveness doesn’t mean utilizing more space, but it means using the physical space more wisely.  Although a neat and organized workspace is a challenge in today’s busy world, maintaining an organized and productive space is well worth the undertaking.

Design with these fundamental attributes and the result will be a highly efficient, effective and a happy workplace:

  • Maximize multi-directional communications
  • Maintain equilibrium between flexibility, privacy & collaboration
  • Accommodate multiple workers & their work styles
  • Encourage high employee engagement


Versia has built it’s brand as the leader in modular millwork, storage and organizational solutions.  Let us help you get organized!


Organizing Chaos

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


This space was extremely unproductive and inefficient.

 With Versia’s expertise, we reworked the footprint, created organization from chaos, and the result is a highly productive, efficient and comfortable space to work in.


By utilizing our MoreSpace product line, we were able to create more work space on the surface and keep the work surface free from clutter.  Understanding workflow demands helps us to create a highly functional, ergonomical and operational environment.  MoreSpace accessories can include risers, monitor arms, task lighting, adjustable shelves, and electrical cord containment clips.

 Our Modular Millwork Base Cabinets have a structural steel frame which makes the system truly modular for any reconfiguration needed in the future.  The steel frames come in seven powder-coated colors, and there are 19 standard laminate finishes.  Work surfaces are available in a variety of options from laminate, solid surface and resin, to stainless steel and bactericial surfaces.

 Versia, has built it’s brand as the leader in modular millwork, storage and filing solutions.  Let us help you get organized!